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Yoga Uniting East and West

Yoga Uniting East and West

Autore/i: Yesudian Selvarajan; Haich Elisabeth

Editore: Harper & Brothers

foreword by Professor T. Huzella, translated by John P. Robertson.

pp. 162, New York

This book undertakes to bring together two human paths which lead to God: the individual path of the East and the collective path of the West. In order to build a spiritual bridge between East and X/est, the authors show how to fill our overorganized, mechanized, materialistic western world with new life-giving oriental spirit. They tell how to modify the exaggerated craving for wordly goals and how to help bring about the victory of mind over matter.
On the other hand, the authors feel that it is also necessary for Orientals to accept such Western concepts as community spirit and improved standards of living. They believe Christianity is the world’s best hope for reducing the conflict between individualism and collectivism in religion, between patriotism and love of all humanity, between idealism and realism.
Yoga Uniting East and West demonstrates the power of Yoga to develop the mind, to control the emotions, to make the body healthy. Its universal application was expressed by the saintly Ramakrishna: “Through Yoga a Hindu becomes a better Hindu, a Christian a better Christian, a Mohammedan a better Mohammedan, and a Jew a better Jew!” The spiritual quality of this book and the deep sincerity of the authors make Yoga Uniting East and West worthy of consideration by everyone seriously interested in religion as a force in daily life.

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