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Tree of Life – An introduction to the Cabala

Tree of Life – An introduction to the Cabala

Autore/i: Z’Ev ben Shimon Halevi

Editore: Rider & Company

pp. 200, illustrations in b/n, London

The Tree of Life is an exposition of the Cabala in twentieth-century terms.
Outlined in general principles it gives practical examples which relate to our own times of how the Tree functions in the ordinary as well as the metaphysical world.
In the first half of the book, the author traces its history through the ancient and medieval periods to our own day, outlines the metaphysical background to the Tree, gradually revealing its principles and interacting symmetry.
The latter half of the book is concerned with application of the material to examples observable in everyday life. These range from the overall view of the structure of government, the hierarchy of the church, and the basis of an economic system, to the intimate manner in which a love-affair develops. The final part of the book is devoted to a detailed study of man and his spiritual aims and possibilities.
Whoever reads and rereads this book will get a real grasp of the symbology of the Tree and a sound understanding of how to use it.

“The result of reading this new contribution to Cabalist writing, at first is sheer wonder at the scope of the Tree of Life brought into the twentieth century.
Original thought is its hall-mark. The author has produced an information packed, attractively written book, which almost takes one’s breath away – I don’t think that one sphere of ordinary living has escaped his attention. There must be material here for at least another three books!”

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi is the Hebrew name and tribe of Warren Kenton.
Born in England he studied at St. Martin’s and the Royal Academy of Arts.
After working in the theatre for some years he took a sabbatical year to write, and has never returned. At present he is a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and a Tutor at the Architectural Association.
He spends most of his time writing and his publications include books on the theatre and cosmology. He occasionally lectures on philosophical subjects.

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