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Paintings - Sculptures - Architecture - Complete Edition with Introduction, Catalogue and 400 ilustrations in Photogravure, and full colour.

Editore: Sansoni Editore - The Phaidon Press
Prezzo: € 60,00

Informazioni: by Ludwig Goldscheider. - pp. 264, rich and completed illustrated in colour e b/w, Firenze - London
Stampato: 1964-05-01
Codice: 500000001686

This is the only edition containing illustrations of all the master’s works apart from the drawings. Many photographs are being used for the first time and many more have not appeared in earlier Phaidon books on Michelangelo. This new volume is designed to satisfy both the general art-lover and the student. The fine quality of the reproductions and the beauty of the details will be appreciated by those who merely need a more accessible proof of Michelangelo’s greatness as a creator; while for those' concerned with the problems inherent in his works, there isa concise text in which the opinions of all the leading scholars are surveyed and a commentary with bibliographical notes is also provided. In all respects, therefore, we feel that we are justified in presenting this volume as an indispensable and standard work on one of the greatest masters of all times.

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